We believe in delicious food.

We are an organic vegetable farm just outside St. Thomas, a short drive from London.
We grow delicious produce free of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides throughout the year, so that you get sparkling fresh, just-picked vegetables at the peak of flavour.
We have a 100 member Community Supported Agriculture (CSA or vegetable box or food box program) and sell our vegetables at Western Fair market in London all year and Horton Market in St. Thomas during the season.

Your Box, your way!

Customize the contents of your vegetable box! More details here
Delivery available in London and St. Thomas.

Learn More about our organic food boxes

What exactly is a CSA Share? What’s in your vegetable box? And what does it mean for me?

Where to Find Us

Find out where you can buy our veggies at local London Ontario markets all YEAR ROUND!